Now, I told you I had something fun and cute for today – and here it is!  My top ten reasons why I love Wendy McArthur (thus far…).

# 10…She knows her way (and some important people) around Scotland.

– She will go to the ends of the earth for us!  I swear, when we were first deciding on a venue, she had every part of Scotland divided up into areas so we could decide where we wanted to be, then what type of venue we wanted.  That, to me, is impressive!!  Imagine trying to navigate all of the U.S. like that?!  Good thing we have state lines to help us out!! 🙂  But not only does Wendy know Scotland, she knows people!!  I don’t know how many discounts and inside information I have been given simply because, “Oh, you work with Wendy?”  She’s like a Goddess over there!!

# 9…She was voted the best wedding coordinator in all of Scotland.

– Every year, the coveted VOWS Awards promote outstanding service by wedding industry suppliers.  Wendy has been nominated consistently over the past few years, and last year, she was the one to prevail above them all.  VOWS is a very prestigious organization that is sponsored by big names such as Hilton and the Sandals Resort.  Her ability to win shows her tremendous dedication to her brides and grooms.  When it came down to it, before I knew anything else, this answered my question, “Which coordinator should we go with?”  Wendy McArthur and Utopia-Scotland, hands down!

# 8…She uses pretty words that make me feel proper.

– I like reading her emails out loud with a little accent.  It makes me :)!  She uses words like perhaps, lovely, and while it may not exactly be pretty, rubbish!!  Such fun words that you just don’t hear in everyday American English!!

# 7…She has the most adorable little girl!!

– I would include a picture, but I’m sure that against some law somewhere!!  She’s absolutely adorable and I know Wendy will have trouble keeping the boys away as Taylor grows into a beautiful young lady!!

# 6…Even though she doesn’t believe it, she’s quite efficient!

– Wendy mentioned to me a couple weeks ago that she had five weddings in two weeks!!  I couldn’t handle the stress, not to mention she still had time to respond to my emails fairly quickly considering the vast time difference!

# 5…Speaking of emails, she always includes something personal.

– There’s something tremendously nice about the way Wendy emails.  Yes, she’s planning mine and Neil’s fairytale wedding, and of course she needs to be professional, but when we show up in Scotland next June, I want to feel like I actually know this mystery woman that I have been emailing with for the past 18 months…and I know I will!!  Whether it’s a quick tidbit about the weather, her weekend plans, or something fun about Taylor, I actually feel like I’m getting to know her as more than just our wedding coordinator, but as a true friend.

# 4…She “moves in such high circles”!

– She used this exact quote in one of her emails once and I smiled…Wendy is never afraid to admit that she’s kind of a big deal!!  She was the event manager at the Gleneagles Resort, a luxurious 5-star resort in Perthshire.  She also spent some time with the manager of The Old Course Hotel – at his house for a BBQ!!!!  Yes, she’s a high-roller!

# 3…She offers simple, affordable coordination.

– I know, this one is quite boring, but if you think about it, it really is amazing!  She doesn’t offer pre-arranged packages because weddings aren’t just pre-arranged (well, I guess some of them are…), but either way, there is no cookie cutter wedding.  Each is individual and different.  Being able to do whatever we want with the help and support of Wendy has been tremendous.  It’s nice to not have limitations!

# 2…She pretends my wedding is tomorrow…

– …even though we know that’s not true!!  The attention she gives me is amazing!!  I swear, if you read through our emails the past several months you would think our wedding is weeks away, not ten months!  The detailed information far surpasses anything I would have ever expected.  She truly is a blessing!

And the #1 reason I love Wendy McArthur, just take one look at this face…P8033543

This, my friends, is Pepper, Wendy’s newest addition to the family!!  Poor Taylor has been begging her for a puppy for ages, and Wendy finally folded!!  But how could you not when you see this face!?!

Wendy…only 306 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes, and 49 seconds until it’s all over with!!!!  🙂