So, I really wanted to wait on this post simply because I did not want to take away from my precious babies’ birthday!!  They were such good little pups, staying with mom the whole day!  I even took them to this adorable little bakery.  Raikkon got a new collar and they both got a puppy Rice Krispy Treat!!  Now, don’t worry – Kindiebelle is getting herself a new collar this weekend!!

Before we trotted over to the bakery, we made a stop into Melinda‘s studio.  She had our images ready for viewing and I was quite anxious to check them out.  Neil, of course, was still hard at work, but I managed to sneak in and Melinda and I narrowed the field down a bit.  There were so many wonderful images – and for the most part, I loved them all!!  Of course, there were a few – like the one where Neil looks like he’s yelling at me and where little Kindiebelle looks like she gained 10 lbs – that we opted not to include in the final proof book!!  Likely by next week, I’ll have the proof book in hand and ordering can begin!!  I cannot wait to show Neil all of our glamorous portraits…we really should be models, you know!!  Either way, they were wonderful, and after she crops and edits a few, I know they’ll be even better!!

Stay posted for tomorrow…I have a cute little entry that I’d love to share with you all!! 😉