Today was an absolutely amazing day!

On Monday, I called Sophia‘s to schedule an appointment with Laurel, my consultant, for the official first fitting.  I was so giddy all morning while I was getting ready.  Doing everything I could to try to make myself look at least 1/2 way bride-ready!!  I met my mom at the store and we rode together over to Sophia’s.  As soon as I walked in, Laurel greeted us – she already had my dress ready for me!!  I quickly flitted to the back and began dressing myself as much as I could.  Laurel came to help and as soon as I walked out, I saw tears in my mother’s eyes!  I, on the other hand did not cry, I could not stop dancing around!!  I was just like a little girl!!  It’s absolutely perfect, you have no idea!  It was a little big and I kept having to pull it up, but that’s a good thing!!!  That means my 2-a-day workouts have been paying off!!  🙂  I will, however, wait until about March before I get it altered.  No need to jump the gun!!  So Mom and I walked out with a beautiful gown, and now it’s hiding, ever so secretly, somewhere in the Arnold household!!  I absolutely cannot wait until the day when I walk down the aisle – in that exact dress – to marry the man of my dreams.

So of course, for today to be absolutely amazing, more than just one thing had to happen, right?  Well, it did.  I received an email from Melinda today!!  She apologized up and down for taking a while (I really hadn’t noticed!!), but said that our photos would be ready to view on Saturday!!  Of course, Neil and I will be gone all weekend, but I am so happy that they are ready!!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting the final result and I know they’ll turn out stunning!!  Now I just have to keep my mind off them until next week! 😦

And on a final note, I found it to be journal-worthy that I, Amanda Arnold, Procrastinator and Non-Studier of the Year 22 years running, is a 4.0 Masters Student at Marian!!!  🙂  Thank you, thank you very much!!

P.S. I know many of you who follow may not agree, but I am totally happy with Jillian’s decision!!  Ed is such a charmer and it’s quite clear that they are (truly) in love!! 😉