So, I can’t lie.  I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time…

Today was mine and Neil’s engagement photo session!!!

While I know that Neil was just going along with the whole thing to make me happy, I think he was secretly enjoying himself…but I must admit, we’re kind of awkward!!  We’re not good at the “act natural” thing because we were definitely not natural but any stretch of the imagination!!  Hopefully, Melinda was able to get some good shots, regardless of our extreme awkwardness!!

We started the day off at the Canal, where we were greeted about half way through with some rather large raindrops.  Fortunately, they weren’t serious and just wanted to tease us a bit.  After about an hour, we headed over to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for some more casual shots.  We tried to get some great shots with Kindiebelle and Raikkon, and while Raikkon was graciously cooperating, Kindie was quite the opposite!!  Poor girl was having a cow all day!!  Either way, I think we still got some great shots with them – and by ourselves as well.  I cannot wait to meet with Melinda to see the finished product in a couple weeks!!

Of course, Neil and I aren’t finished with our photo sessions quite yet…with our photographer in Scotland, we get another engagement session, then of course the wedding day.  I’d say we better brush up on our modeling skills!!

325 days, 23 hours, 44 minutes, and 44 seconds…but who’s counting?! 🙂