So, I know in previous posts that I’ve mentioned that nothing has been planned for the at-home reception.  Well, we can now officially say that is no longer the case!!!

Yesterday, my gracious mother booked Pipers to cater our reception.  They were the mysterious “partially decided” caterer that I mentioned last Friday…and now it’s official!!  Neil was pretty indifferent about who our caterer was, but when it came to deciding what will be served, he definitely had an opinion!!  I went through the list of foods with him last night and we did our first run of what we want and what we don’t.  We’ll make more of a final decision when we can actually attend a tasting…of which I am very excited about!!

My mother used Pipers in January 2008 when Floors To Go opened the doors to their brand new showroom.  The food was absolutely fantastic and we can’t wait to have them for our reception!!  We’re especially looking forward to the chocolate fountains they offer!!!  🙂