Yes, slowly but surely, our wedding is approaching, and with our wedding hitting the negative 11 month mark, I finally have something to talk about!!  Of course, The Knot is keeping us on track…so without further ado, here we are:

  • Start interviewing caterers.
    • Yes, I know this was on here last month, but I can now say that a caterer for the open-house reception has partially been decided.  Now, it’s just a matter of finalizing the details and making payments.
  • Contact newspapers to announce your engagement.
    • Well, engagement photos have been scheduled for next Saturday, the 18th!!  And once we have those back, our announcement will be in the newspaper!!
  • Decide on a caterer.  Hash out a rough price per head and begin working on a menu.
    • As mentioned, I think we’ve decided on a caterer, but as far as getting prices and menu…we’ll put that on the back burner for now!!
  • Choose a color scheme, if you so desire, taking into account the decor of the rooms/areas you have reserved for your ceremony and reception.
    • Check!!  But let me tell you this, absolutely…positively…never in a million years did I think I would have BLUE as a wedding color.  In fact, blue was the last color I would’ve ever had…but, because I love Neil so much, I folded and BLUE and WHITE have become our colors…and I’ll be honest, it’s growing on me.  He specifically wanted blue and white because that’s the Scottish flag colors, which I think is pretty cool.  Of course, we’ve altered it a bit and it’s more of a “cornflower blue” than a “navy” or “royal” blue.  Either way, I love it!! 🙂
  • Brides: Begin looking at pictures of wedding dresses online and in magazines.
    • Wow, am I way ahead of schedule on this!!  I started looking at wedding dresses way back in December when we got engaged.  Emily gave me a hard time because when I showed her the dresses I liked, there was no rhyme or reason for any of them!!  There were a million different styles, but I decided that I didn’t want to limit myself at all!!!
  • Brides: When you’ve found some gowns you like, head out to the stores to try them on.
    • Funny story about this…we went to Nancy’s Bridal Boutique up in Castleton on May 9th to look at dresses.  I had printouts with pictures, designers, and style numbers on every page.  I handed them to the associate and told her which dresses I wanted to look at and she looked up at me and said, “Wow!  Are you Type-A or what?”  So yes, I’m a little organized for our wedding…sue me!!!  Either way, we headed to several stores and I have found the dress!!!
  • Start investigating any ethnic customs or cultural traditions you might want to incorporate into your ceremony or reception.
    • This was huge for Neil and I.  We definitely wanted to incorporate some Scottish traditions into the wedding and we will definitely have this with the Bagpipers, but we’ll also have a few more things, which will remain a secret, that will be incorporated into the wedding!!  You’ll just have to wait and see!! 🙂
  • Finalize the guest list.
    • Half-check!!  Since we have such a long time, we’re still slowly adding people to the list…and since our open-house reception is more low-key, we feel we can afford to continually add to the reception list.  But as far as the actual ceremony, we have TWENTY-FOUR people confirmed!!!
  • Sign your caterer contract and send in a deposit.
    • And for the third time, aside from Scotland, catering has only somewhat been decided.  I will definitely keep you posted!!
  • Start auditioning reception bands or DJs.
    • Well, for the open-house reception, we will likely not have a band or DJ, but rather soft music in the background.  But…in Scotland, we have decided to incorporate dancing, which means we’ll need some sort of DJ!!  Neil and I have solicited the help of my lovely brother-in-law and DJ Paul B will be providing the music for our reception overseas.  Neil and I have been slowly compiling a list of songs we would like played at our ceremony, so not only did we save money by allowing Paul the excitement of being DJ for his favorite sister, but we’re also able to choose our playlist!! 🙂
  • If you’ve chosen an outdoor ceremony or reception site, look into tent and lighting rentals.
    • We are having an outdoor ceremony, but there will be not tent or light aside from the natural light, also known as the sun.  For the open-house reception, we will eventually be looking into tents, but it is all going to depend on how our backyard ends up looking!!!

So we don’t have too much to do this month, as most of it is already completed, but I know as we continue on, things will get more hectic and months will be more packed…so perhaps I should cherish this month.  And Neil would like me to mention that he has never and will never read this engagement journal.  Thanks, Dude…I love you, too!!

Just to keep you all updated…

Our House!!!