I left this post’s title blank because that is exactly how far we have gotten since I last posted.

I had a whole week of vacation last week and I spent it doing Bridal Shower stuff for Miss Emily, and with that, I did absolutely, positively nothing for my own wedding!!  But, with that said, I can confidently say that her Bridal Shower will, without a doubt, be absolutely perfect!!  I cannot wait – and I know Dana and Kelly can’t wait either!!

I guess I can’t exactly say that nothing has gone on with our wedding this week.  I did finalize the information packets that will be sent to all our Scotland attendees.  Of course, with the entire week off, I still could not find the time to print them off and send them out.  Oh well – we still have time!!!

In the meantime – HAPPY NEGATIVE TWO MONTHS, EMILY AND ERIC!!!  It’s getting so close and I know it will be absolutely perfect.  I cannot wait for you two to finally tie the knot!!  I love you both – especially your garden, Eric!! 🙂