After class today, I stopped by Melinda’s to make a deposit on our engagement session.  It was so nice to be able to sit and talk with her for a moment.  We went over some of my thoughts and discussed some things I thought Neil would enjoy.  We are definitely doing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and while it may present a bit of a challenge (to Melinda and us), we’re ready to make the best of it.  She gave me some very interesting ideas specific to Neil and I, as well as giving me the opportunity to browse some other engagement session that aren’t featured on her website.  I love her work and we know she will do a beautiful job.  We absolutely cannot wait until July 18th, so stay posted for our proofs to see how they came out!!!

There have been slight changes to our wedding since we last spoke.  Our contact at the Old Course Hotel has seen a slight shift in our vision for the wedding and has suggested several ideas to combat these changes.  As previously mentioned, we have several more people planning to join us than originally thought, so we have already had to move our dinner to the Conservatory, which is perfectly okay with us!!  Unfortunately, since the Conservatory is used for Tea during the day, the sound in that room is only capable of soft background music, meaning dancing will not be an option.  When we originally were planning this day, we were going to have dinner, cut the cake, and be done, but after giving it more thought, Neil and I realized that it might be more fun to incorporate the traditional dances into our special day (not to mention Mom said she always dreamed one of her daughters would dance with her Daddy on their wedding day).  We made Wendy aware of the changes, and Phyllis suggested we have dinner in the Conservatory then move to another room for dancing.  Mom took it one step further and suggested having the speeches and cake cutting in the second room.  So as we stand, we have two rooms, one for dinner and one for dancing.  The dancing room (also known as the Tom Kidd room) will have informal seating and cocktail tables.  Phyllis also suggested incorporating a bar into the room for refreshments and evening hors d’oeuvres.  We think they’re all wonderful ideas, and we know that once all the kinks get worked out, everything will turn out beautifully and we’ll be satisfied.  Until then, stay posted because we can’t promise you we won’t change again!!