I really have nothing exciting to say, but thought I would update you all anyway on the minimal progress (or lack thereof) we have made.

As previously mentioned, my sister had seven Grande Dame of Honour dresses to choose from, so the past couple of weeks have been full of her visiting shops in Florida to try to narrow it down and Neil and I running around to shops in Indiana making color comparisons.  Well, we have been able to narrow the field down to three!!  Most of the issues with the other dresses were in regards to the colors against my dress…except for one that Neil just flat out didn’t like!!  Now before you panic, don’t worry…Neil did not see my dress – I made him leave before I looked at the colors against my actual  dress, but I still had him look at the bridesmaid dresses we had chosen and he made his opinions clear.  The three dresses my wonderful sister has chosen are all absolutely beautiful, so I will be happy with any decision she makes.  And of course, I won’t be adverse to her selecting more dresses as she finds them.  I know she will be stunning in whatever she chooses, I just want her to be comfortable, too!!

And while I thought all the issues with the reception at Old Course Hotel had been straightened out, I have received more information today and things may be changing again.  But it’s still in the tentative phase and will require Mom and Dad’s approval, so no worries…it’ll all work out in the end!!

On a non-wedding note…our house is getting closer!!  We got insulation yesterday and our roof was being finished up as I was taking pictures!!!  It’s so exciting, we can hardly wait!!!

Our House!!!

Our House!!!