So I mentioned a week ago about how rushed I was feeling now that we’re at the less than one year mark, but then on top of that I had also mentioned how we were running out of room for our reception because so many people are planning to join us.  Well – crisis averted!!!  Wonderful Wendy was able to talk with our contact at the Old Course Hotel and we are able to switch rooms…and while I know I said we were going to wait to switch until we knew for sure how many people were coming, we’ve since changed our mind and went ahead and switched!!  We are now in the Conservatory.  It is absolutely stunning and I’m really not sure why we didn’t choose it to begin with!!!  I cannot wait to get to Scotland to check it out – it looks so amazing!!!

The Conservatory at The Old Course Hotel

The Conservatory at The Old Course Hotel

How amazing is that?!  Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking!!!

On a related note, our musicians have been lined up!  As previously mentioned, we’ve hired the talent of Keith from Premier Pipers, but to complement his bagpipes, we have also hired the expertise of Sue and Ian from Silverstrings.  They will be playing a Clarsach and Flute duo and the samples online are absolutely amazing.  It gives me chills everytime I listen to them!!  So they are booked, and I think we’re good on our ceremony music!!!

I know it may not have been as exciting as you were hoping for, but it’s news nonetheless – and I’m absolutely ecstatic about it!!!  And on an even better note – our house has windows and it’s in the process of getting shingles!!!  Not to mention, we saved about $400 on our appliances by getting them at HHGregg!!!  Hooray for today!!!