A weird thing happened this week.  As you know, Neil and I celebrated our -1 Year Anniversary with a romantic TV-lit dinner of Subway and a frolic in the park…that is Center Grove Lassie League park.  Anyway, on June 11th it hit me.  We have less than a year to plan this thing!!!  I know, I know – you think we’re crazy because you’ve been reading along and yes, we’ve got quite a bit of it planned – but I don’t think you get it.  Less than a year.  That is “<365 days”, for all your math geeks out there…(love you, Amy!!)  I feel rushed.  I feel like we don’t have enough time.  I feel like all this pressure is coming down on me and I don’t know what to do!!!  The the unimaginable happened…

…while sitting in traffic (and coming about 4 inches from witnessing a major wreck), something dawned on me that we never thought would be an issue…and before I tell you, let me give you some background.  My sister and Paul had 17 people at their wedding in Rome three years ago.  When my dad and I were talking about mine and Neil’s wedding, he mentioned to me that a) Grandma and Grandpa probably weren’t going to be able to make it to Scotland, which they have since confirmed that they would not be joining us, b) Colin and Kayleigh were getting married right around the same time we were, which means Aunt Chris will be busy enough with their wedding c) Uncle Mike was paying for 2 girls to go to college, and we know how not cheap that is, and d) we were having a local officiant for our wedding.  There are six people, count them s-i-x people that went to my sisters wedding that for one reason or another, probably weren’t going to be at ours.  With a total of 17 people, that takes the number down to 11.  So we thought about it logically and figured Neil and I would be lucky to have 15 people at our wedding…and that was stretching it!!  Which we were okay with, but guess what?  We have TWENTY-FOUR people planning to attend our wedding in Scotland.  It absolutely, positively had not occurred to me that our reception room only holds 16 people for dinner.  Sixteen.  And because we don’t want to draw straws to see who gets to eat dinner while the unlucky eight dine on cheeseburgers at the bar, we’re going to have to do some adjusting.  I discussed things with my groom this evening and he has agreed that if need be, he would be alright with sacrificing the ceiling to floor windows for a larger space that we can all comfortably fit in.  There are several rooms at The Old Course Hotel to choose from, and I’ve let Wendy know our situation so she can see what will need to be done if changes must be made.  Of course, we aren’t going to make any changes until we have confirmed that everyone has their air booked and we really are over the 16-person limit, but  seriously, this is an issue that Neil and I never thought we would have to concern ourselves with.  It’s absolutely astonishing!!!  And we’re not upset about it at all…well, aside from my mini-panic attack before my mom was able to calm me down.  But really, now that we’re less than a year away, I feel like we can’t have these bumps in the road anymore – I’ll break down!!  But we’re absolutely ecstatic about this.  Never in a million years did we think we would have more than twenty people at our wedding – and now we’re pushing 25!!!  What a wonderful problem to have!!! 🙂

On a more relaxed note, engagement photo discussions have begun again.  Neil  has decided that maybe he would like something a little more fancy than just casual shots at Melinda‘s studio.  Now he is thinking he wants to go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – after all, he was going to propose to me there!!  Anyway, I’ve discussed things with Melinda and a tentative date has been set, we just have to make our deposit and we’ll be able to go from there!!!  Which also means Neil and I will be famous, too, in just a short while!!

And for a quick update…our house is finally starting to look like, well, a house!!!