Wow has this week been busy!!  I’ve started my Master’s program at Marian College and it has been an absolute blast…aside from not having internet.  I’m up each morning at 5:45 am and I get home around 4:45 pm.  Of course, most people would say that’s a long day…but it doesn’t end there.  A couple nights per week I’ll have a softball game and on the other nights, I’m hittin’ the gym with my groom.  My day truly doesn’t end until around 10:00 pm when I finally put away the books and hit the sack.  Ohh how I’ll love it when this year is over with!!!  Of course, in the meantime I’m having a blast with the students in my 1st grade class at Nora and with my cohort members during lecture.  It’s a busy day, but it’s well spent.  I’ve learned so much already!!

To touch on the house just briefly, Neil went to Carter Lee Lumber to check out doors and windows and we made a final decision Monday night.  What’s most exciting…we’re WAY under budget on our doors and windows and didn’t even mean to be!!  We love what we’ve chosen.  Hopefully tomorrow, if the rainman leaves, they can start framing the house.  That’s when the fun stuff begins!!!

On a more wedding related note, some more decisions have been made.  Wendy was able to email me all the deposit information, so I feel much more organized.  She also mentioned the piper…which still needs to be booked.  Of course, it was an absolute must to have the piper!!!  What’s the point in having a Scottish wedding if you aren’t having bagpipes!?!  Neil and I have also discussed some other ideas for the reception, many of which have not been fully decided.  In regards to what needs to be done here, we’re hoping to get some engagement pictures taken in the coming weeks.  We don’t want anything too formal or fancy, just some nice shots of Neil and I…the most recent professional pictures we have are senior pictures, so I’d say it’s time for a quick session!!  We’d also like to include Kindiebelle and Raikkon…since they are kind of our life!!!  We also have a million and one things to do for the at-home reception, but not much can be planned until we have a date set in stone – so we’ll just hold off on that for now!!! 

So to sum it up…in about a week, we’ll officially hit the NEGATIVE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, which means the big planning will come into play.  We have plenty to do, but fortunately, plenty of it has been planned, too!!  I think we’ve made tremendous progress, especially considering I’ll be MIA for the next two weeks with school!!!