…what would YOU want to know?!  I’ve spent about 8 hours working on a travel information sheet to be sent out to all our lovely guests who are planning to join us in St. Andrews next June.  It is currently up to five pages with information regarding air travel, rail travel, taxis, hotels, dining, etc., but we need to know from all of you what you’d want to see if you were planning to come to Scotland?  We have had many family members who are toying with the idea of coming, but won’t know for sure until they’ve had a chance to look at prices.  We’re hoping that by sending this information sheet, those who are seriously considering travelling to Scotland will have a better idea of what to expect.  Of course, Neil and I will be there throughout the entire process, but just to get the ball rolling, it would be nice to get a rough idea of what we’re working with!

There are several airlines that provide regular flights to Edinburgh, Scotland, the preferred airport to get to St. Andrews, but many of these vary in price quite drastically.  We’re hoping that by giving our guests options, they are able to find the flight that best suits their needs and budget, therefore increasing the overall number of guests who are able to join us.

Air travel and rail travel are tricky as there are several things that must be booked.  Unfortunately, Edinburgh Airport does not have its own rail station, but there are two stations within 30 minutes of the airport.  Both of these stations provide direct routes to St. Andrews Leuchars Rail Station, which is a 10-minute drive to the heart of St. Andrews where all the hotels are located.  Everyone will be quite familiar with taxis once this little adventure is over with, but we’re hoping that once everyone steps foot in St. Andrews that it’s all worth it!

We have chosen five trustworthy hotels, and we hope that after we’ve gotten some feedback that we can narrow that number down to one or two hotels. We would prefer if everyone were in a more condensed area, so we’re hoping that our five hotels hit a sweet spot with everyone going.

So what would you want to know before booking travel to Scotland?  We know it won’t be cheap, which is why we are trying to be as price sensitive and helpful as possible.  In all my travelling, it’s the planning experience that’s usually the most exciting – we want all our guests to feel that way, so we want to make this as seamless and possible, so that come next June, we have some seriously happy campers!!! 🙂 **CORRECTION: I have been told that some of our guests are not campers; therefore, for those of you who are not campers, here you are…“so that come next June, we have some seriously happy WEDDING GUESTS!!!!!” (Ugh!!  That just sounds soooo boring!!!)**