…is in full swing.  And it’s worse than I thought it could be!!!  We are now up to SEVEN, count them s-e-v-e-n dresses for my sister to choose from.  I even solicited the help of my groom to hopefully cut down the playing field, and while he provided some insight, it was very nonchalant.  The Jim Hjelm is still definitely on top of the list, but it’s all pending her approval during the trip to Disney.  The colors are also an issue, but it is definitely going to depend entirely on whether or not she likes the dress.  It is so incredibly nice to have only one bridesmaid…or as I like to call her, Grande Dame of Honour (yes, I added a “u”…hey, we’re going ALL Scottish here!!)  I’ve left the entire dress search up to her, and when she finds the dress she wants to stand next to me in during my wedding, by all means, that will be the one.  As we go along, I’ll  of course keep you all updated as the search eventually comes to a close and we have a winner.

In the meantime, I’ve been in contact with wonderful Wendy and it’s unfathomable how busy she is and with that, I’ve decided  that now may be a good time to sit back and enjoy our engagement.  So much is going on in our lives right now  – between school, work, softball, our new house and life itself – that if we don’t watch it, the luxury of being engaged will be over before we know it, and while we are very excited to start our lives together as Mr. & Mrs., I’ve always been told (by my dear Mother) that I shouldn’t wish my life away.  Although, just because we’re relaxing on plans doesn’t mean I haven’t been daydreaming on the finer details of our wedding – which include floral arrangements, both centerpieces and bouquets.  I’ve really fallen in love with hydrangea and stephanotis bouquets – but who knows what we’ll end up with!! And of course, I’m also on the hunt for the perfect shoes to go along with the perfect dress!!   Like I said, it’s all daydreaming for now!!