Yesterday, my family (minus my Neil…sad…) and I drove to Western Pennsylvania to visit with my family for a couple days.  We landed at Nemacolin Woodlands (absolutely amazing!!  It’s my third time here and I’m still in love!!) at approximately 5:30pm and for about an hour during the drive, I called every bridal boutique in Florida that “supposedly” carries the Jim Hjelm line.  Guess what?!  I found two, count it T-W-O boutiques in the entire state of Florida who carry the dress my sister and I are looking for.  Talk about frustrating!!!  There was a third boutique that said they could order it in for her to try on, but still…that’s just slightly more than pathetic!!  Fortunately though, one of the boutiques who claims to have this dress is in Orlando – and guess who’s going to Disney at the end of May?!  None other than the wonderful Mr. & Mrs. Paul Benvie!!!  Yay!!!!  So she’s going to stop by there during their trip and try the dress on.  We’re both in love with it online, and I hope we’re in love with it on her…it would just be absolutely perfect, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!!  Of course, if it doesn’t work out, we still have three other favorites – so have no fear, we will eventually come across a winner!!  Then again, we have plenty of time, so no rush!! 🙂

Quick side note: Happy Anniversary, Amy & Paul!!  I can only imagine the happiness you two have shared over the past 3 years of wedded bliss…I can’t wait for Neil and I to begin our matrimonial journey!!