Mom, Amy, and myself made the trip to Sophia’s Bridal & Tux for the final try-on and the dress I decided on last night is absolutely, 100% the dress I always dreamt of for our fairytale wedding…and now it’s official.  The deposit has been paid and the order will be placed first thing tomorrow.  Of course, we are thirteen months out and we have plenty of time – but I really did not want to risk it.  You never know when a dress will be discontinued and it’s everything I wanted (that I wasn’t finding anywhere else!) so why not place the order now?!  Plus…there is one major alteration I will want done to it – and depending on how long it takes for that to be completed, it was just better to be safe on time than to be rushing it.

While at Sophia’s, I went ahead and picked out a veil – which I am absolutely in love with.  It compliments the dress so well and I am very pleased with it.  My sister also searched through their bridesmaid dresses to find one for herself.  We ended up with two front-runners, aside from the one from last night.  They are all very similar – simple, yet sophisticated and elegant.  She looked amazingly stunning in all of them.  Of course, we’re still holding out for the Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaid dress…and so far, we’ve had no luck!!  I still have one more Orlando boutique to try, but disappointingly enough, we’ve had two “no’s”.  Boo!!

So, as we stand, we have a major task checked off…and I couldn’t be happier!!!  Up until now, I didn’t really feel like a “bride”.  I just felt like I was planning an extensive vacation in Scotland…but now it feels real.  I’m a bride – and no one can take that away from me!!  Stay posted for more on the bridesmaid dress for my beautiful Matron of Honor…or as I like to call her: the Grande Dame of Honor!!!  Love you, Amy!!!