First and foremost, I’d like to say Happy Mother’s Day to two beautiful women who have taught me so much.  First, my own mother.  She’s amazing both inside in out, and from the time I was a little girl, she has always been my best friend.  There have been times when I may have just rolled my eyes at her, but through it all, she’s always the first one I come to when I need sound advice.  I could talk to her for hours, and perhaps sometimes I say too much, but she’s my mother, and I couldn’t ask for a better one.  Secondly is beautiful Ellen, my future mother-in-law…although, I can’t really use that term with her because “mother-in-law” has been given such a negative connotation and there’s nothing negative about our relationship or her as a person.  She is truly a woman of God and has raised two beautiful sons.  She is always so patient and willing to help…and what other bride can say she didn’t think twice when asking her “mother-in-law-to-be” to come wedding dress shopping with her?!  She is wonderful, and I’m proud to call her my mom.

Wow has this weekend flown by!!  I’ve been dreaming of this weekend since January and it has finally arrived!!  Not only am I officially graduated from college with my undergraduate degree, but this was the weekend of wedding dress shopping!!  My mom thought I was insane when I wanted to make it a weekend affair, but I hope now she is happy we did!!  Amy and Paul arrived in town on Friday evening and we all met for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  After a quick stop at the soon-to-be Casa di Barnes, it was bedtime for the Mookster for Saturday was going to bring a long day!!  On Saturday morning, my mom, sister, Emily, Ellen, and I left for Nancy’s Bridal Boutique in Castleton.  Our appointment was at 10:00am, but being the Arnold’s we are – we arrived at approximately half-past.  I tried on maybe 15 dresses and was able to narrow the field down to three.  Every dress I tried on was absolutely beautiful – but like I say, they don’t make ugly wedding gowns!!  It was tiring, perhaps more for Amy than myself.  I was very satisfied and we left there feeling good – but hungry!!  After a quick stop at Paradise Bakery & Cafe, it was off to our 1:00pm appointment at Posie Patch Bridal Superstore.  Unfortunately, Posie Patch is just a bit too “department store-ish” for me, not to mention I was only allowed to try on five dresses and the consultant had to dress me…talk about feeling awkward!!  I had brought with me pictures of several different dresses I was excited to try on, but unfortunately, they did not have a single one of them.  That was disappointing, but we still left with two front runners and I was happy!!  So that left us with a top five for the day…talk about having to make decisions!!

So I slept on it and was hoping that overnight, God would come to me in my dreams and tell me which one to choose.  Unfortunately, He did not and I was forced to make my own decision!!!  So off to church it was and a wonderful Mother’s Day lunch followed soon after.  We dropped off my groom so he could go out to the track and were headed to Sophia’s Bridal & Tux for our 1:00pm appointment.  With the inability to take photographs to protect their designers, we were forced to memorize the gowns as we went…which was why we ended with only one “favorite”.  Of course, at this point I had pretty much narrowed down what I liked – and at one point I had decided my gown didn’t exist!!  There was always something that wasn’t right, whether it was the train or the style or the color or the detail…it was very frustrating.  So we left Sophia’s with one gown written down and headed out to Brownsburg, mainly for my sisters sake.  We arrived at Bliss Boutique promptly at 3:00pm and headed in for our appointment.  Our consultant showed us around the store and we picked about four for me to try on – all with no luck!!  At this point, I was getting silly and just decided to check out dresses for mia sorella.  There was one in particular that I liked for her, specifically because we can get it in our colors, blue and white, but since she’s the only bridesmaid we’re having, I’ve pretty much given her free-reign on the dress style.  There’s one bridesmaid dress in particular that we both love from Jim Hjelm, and we’re hoping we can find it in Florida!!

So after two very long days of getting in and out of dresses, I can officially say I have found the dress I will marry my best friend in.  It’s absolutely amazing and everything I want.  It will fit with our traditional Scottish wedding perfectly and with this decision made, I cannot wait for my groom and I to finally say “I do.”  Of course, no details of the dress will be revealed (hey! I’m not even telling Emily…now that’s secretive!!) but tomorrow afternoon, my mom, sister, and I are headed to Sophia’s to purchase the dress.  It’s a feeling I never imagined having – and I can’t wait to say that another major decision has been finalized!!!

P.S. Only 13 months!!!