This week has completed one chapter of our life.  Neil and I have made life altering decisions, and this week, those decisions came to fruition.  For those of you who are unaware, Neil signed his mortgage papers for our new home yesterday.  Currently, we only own a yard, but in a few short months, Rick Campbell will build us a home that we can begin our new lives in.  All the papers have been signed, the money has been paid…and after three painful months of waiting and decision making, the fun stuff finally begins!!  My best friend is an official “homeowner”.  So here are the beginnings of the next chapter in our life…


Our's a mess, but it's ours!!!

It's ours!!!

We couldn't be happier!!

The second part of our next chapter is my graduation from college.  Not only did no one think I could actually graduate in 4 years (hey, looking at my freshman year at Tennessee…I didn’t either!!), it was also hard to believe that after my four years, I would be heading into graduate school.  Today was the research seminar for Marian College (soon to be Marian University) and having the opportunity to meet graduates of my Masters program was amazing.  They were able to give us so much insight as to what to expect and they were so patient and willing to help.  Each of them presented on their Masters thesis research and they were able to give us some really good ideas for classroom management.  This was definitely an experience I will not soon forget.  I am definitely eager to begin classes on June 1st, regardless of how time-consuming and stressful it may be!!  And having Neil’s support is the best…he’s actually looking forward to me starting as well – just so he can help me with everything…what a great fiance!!!