Another decision made, another deposit paid.

Yeah, so we aren’t following the fancy Wedding Channel checklist to a T, but we are making decisions that we know won’t change in a year!!  This time – it’s how we roll!!!

While The Old Course Hotel and St. Andrews Cathedral aren’t millions of miles away from each other, we still knew that we would want something to tote us around afterwards during pictures.  The girls and I will be getting our hair and makeup done at the Hotel beforehand, and Dad, Mom, Amy and I will take our beautiful little buggie over to the Cathedral for the wedding.  Then afterwards, Neil and I will be escorted around the town of St. Andrews to find the best photography locations as everyone in the town “cheers for us on the way past.” (Thanks, Wendy!!)  There wasn’t much deliberation in regards to the selection.  There were several options to choose from, but we knew what we wanted as soon as we saw it!!  That is why we chose to go with the beautiful 1936 Rolls Royce Landaulette from Baincraig Wedding Cars!!!  We especially loved the option to have it as a convertible if the weather permits!!  Oh yay!!  I’m just so excited!!rolls-royce-landaulette