…and we’ve already received our first wedding present!!! 🙂  Yeah, I couldn’t believe it, either – but there are some very efficient people in this world!!

Anyway, yesterday – after a long day of yard work with my Mama – we went inside for lunch and to rest a bit.  As we were resting, I was just nonchalantly glancing through the JC Penney sale flyer.  A crock-pot caught my eye and I said to my mom, “I really want a crock-pot.”  My mom quickly responded with, “Go get in my trunk.  There’s one in there.  Your first wedding present.”  At first, I didn’t know what she was talking about.  I thought she was taking her old crock-pot to Goodwill or something, but nope – she really had received Neil and I’s first wedding present!!  It was from the wonderful Susan, Grandma Ann’s daughter.  We haven’t even registered for gifts yet, but that was definitely going to be on the list.  Of course, Neil doesn’t think I’m ever going to use it, but I promise…I’m going to learn and I’ll be the greatest cook known to man…you just wait!!  In the meantime…our first wedding present: