Well…I did it!!  Today I made two appointments for Saturday, May 9th.  For those of you who aren’t following…that’s WEDDING DRESS TRY-ON TIME!!!  It’s starting to feel real – I have the appointments booked, and in exactly 3 weeks, I will be trying on wedding dresses…and hopefully finding the one.  It’s going to be such an overwhelming feeling when I try on that first dress – just like it was for Miss Carrico!!  It’ll be so real then…like I’m really a bride!!  My sister keeps saying it, and I’m with her – I can’t believe I’m getting married!!!  I still feel like a little 6th grader watching my sister graduate high school!!!  It’s just all so surreal!!

Of course, there’s always the nay-sayers in the wedding planning process…like my mom for instance!!  Today, she asked me if it was really necessary to visit 5 places to try on dresses…well, first of all, we aren’t going to five places, and second of all – of course it’s necessary!!  Emily had 3 places planned that she wanted to go to, but we ended up visiting five before she found the one!!!  So I’m just trying to keep my options open…and plus, every place doesn’t offer every designer and I have several designers I am interested in.  So far, the two chosen shops are Nancy’s Bridal Boutique and Posie Patch Bridal Superstore.  Unfortunately, the two times I have been to Posie Patch have been negative experiences – but I firmly believe that both situations could have been avoided.  For one, Emily didn’t have an appointment and it was ridiculously crowded…hopefully making an appointment will give us more one-on-one assistance.  Secondly, my sister’s issue was that they wouldn’t take her measurements without her first making a deposit.  Well, since she lives in Florida and wouldn’t be back to Indy before the wedding, she needed measurements done while we were there just in case she didn’t find anything else.  Fortunately for her, she found the same dress at a more accommodating boutique in Florida.  I hope we don’t have these issues at Posie Patch because I really love the Maggie Sottero line, but we’ll see!!  It’s always a gamble when you’re dealing with other brides and wedding stuff!!  I would also like to visit Bliss Boutique Bridal & Tux in Brownsburg.  They have a dress that my sister and I are both in love with (for her) and a designer that I couldn’t find anywhere else – Jim Hjelm – so that’ll benefit both my sister and I.

Some more nay-sayers of the day were the two assistants at Posie Patch and Nancy’s.  They both assumed that since our wedding isn’t until next June, that I had “plenty of time” to search for a dress.  Sorry, but that’s not quite the case!!!  I refuse to find a dress without my sister or Mom, and since my sister lives in Florida, there are only certain times she can be in Indiana.  So really, this is as late as we could go without being too late!!  I just wish people would understand our situation!!!  It’d make life so much easier!!  And plus, there’s less than 420 days before our wedding!!!  Do you know what has to be accomplished in that time?!  Let’s just look at the rundown…we still have to announce our engagement in the newspaper, get engagement photos taken, create an official wedding website, decide on floral arrangements, decide on music for the ceremony (and what instruments we’re using…that’s a constant battle with Mr. Barnes!!), finalize a menu for the reception, book our honeymoon (I guess it first helps to decide where we’re going!!), book our tickets to Scotland, discuss with our minister the flow of the ceremony, register for gifts, have a bridal shower, decide on wedding invitations, figure out what Neil is wearing for the wedding, decide on wedding rings, decide on a cake design – and that’s not even half of it!!  We haven’t even started to think about the Indianapolis reception!!  There’s so much to do – and between the full-time Master’s program, planning this one bride’s bridal/bachelorette party, and building a house, I’m not sure there’s enough hours in the day…and they say I have plenty of time!!!