As most of you know, Neil and I got engaged over Christmas, but we knew we wanted a spring-ish wedding, which meant we weren’t going to get married for a long time.  While that was entirely alright with us, it did mean that we had to do things a bit differently.  Take for instance.  There’s nothing on the checklist for the 18-month period, and for those of you who follow Miss Emily, you know how much of a big deal the checklist is!!  Well, I must say – this morning I got my first email from!!!  14 MONTHS!!!  Of course – because I’m so ridiculously organized – we’ve already checked most of the items off from the entire list, but that doesn’t take away from the idea that we’ve been engaged for 4 months, we’re getting married in 14 months, and The Knot is actually acknowledging that!!!  I know, it seems like eons away compared to you, Emily, but hey – we still have a lot more to do!! 🙂

And please…check out these ridiculously cute puppies I coincidentally found online!!!