The wonderful world of surprises in my email box has begun again!!  Wonderful Miss Wendy emailed me bright and early this morning with deposit information for two very important aspects of Neil and I’s special wedding day.  So after some quick consulting with the mother, two deposits have been made…meaning two more decisions can be checked off!! 🙂  And one vendor didn’t need a deposit, but she’s been booked, so let’s make that THREE things checked off!!!  Ahh…it feels good to get things done!

The first deposit I made was for our videographer.  Against Neil’s wishes, we have decided to invest in a videographer for the day.  Personally, considering our wedding is far away and a lot of people won’t be able to make it, it was a no-brainer that a videographer was a must!!  What made it even more appealing was that Wendy is very good friends with our videographer so she was able to get us some really good deals!!  It just wasn’t an opportunity we could pass up!!  Our package will include two videographers – which I think is cool because that means one videographer can get me going down the aisle, while the other can catch Neil’s expression as he seems me for the first time.  We’ll receive three separate DVDs – so Mom and Dad, Dave and Ellen, and Neil and I can all have a copy.  Our DVD will include outtakes and a photo gallery.  We’ll also have a highlight video that is uploaded to YouTube so everyone can share in our special day whenever they want!! 🙂  I’m very excited about our videography, and I know that Mike with RPL Weddings will do a fantastic job!!

Next is photography.  This one was a difficult decision that included much deliberation between Neil and I.  I created a PowerPoint presentation to help ease the pain of Neil having to make a decision.  There were approximately eight photographers for us to choose from.  A couple of them we knew were a“no” right off the bat – it was either poor quality, uninteresting style, or just plain and simple – we didn’t like the sample images they supplied.  We were able to narrow our decision down to two separate photographers, with one photographer as a backup just in case Mom didn’t like the first two.  She looked through the two photographers we specifically mentioned and she mentioned pros and cons about both of them.  But in the end, it was Fiona MacNeill who won!  The number one thing my Mom mentioned was: “I like her name better than the other one.”  Ohh, she’s so silly!!  🙂  Which I will admit, Fiona’s name is much more Scottish than the other photographer.  The fun thing about Fiona is that her packages include a pre-wedding session to give Neil and I an opportunity to witness her style first hand before the big day.  Her package also includes all the digital negatives, two albums, a box set of all our prints, two 12″x18″ custom art prints, online viewing, and a DVD slideshow set to music.  I’m really excited about Fiona.  Wendy is also wonderful friends with her, so we were able to take advantage of that with a discount!! 🙂  She also told me that she’s wonderful to have on the day-of, so that will be nice knowing that everyone will work in harmony!!  The last thing we need is a stressful day on June 10, 2010!!!

Finally – we, or I guess I chose our hair and makeup company (it’d be a little strange if the groom helped choose hair and makeup…right?!)  Anyway, Wendy’s wonderful connections again gave us a great discount on hair and makeup (almost in these three decisions alone, Wendy has paid for herself!!!  I love you, Wendy!!).  We’ve also decided that all us girls will get our hair and makeup done – Amy, Mom, Ellen, and myself.  That makes me happy.  We can all be pampered!!  Included in the price of our day-of hair and makeup is a hair and makeup trial for myself.  This will be done on our pre-wedding photography session so my hair and makeup is all beautiful!! 🙂  Wendy mentioned that Nicki with NRMG Bridal Make-Up & Hair is also absolutely wonderful to have around on the day as she’s there for any touch-ups before and after the ceremony so I will look flawless all throughout the entire day!!

All-in-all, I’d say it was a fairly productive morning!!  I’m so happy that decisions are being made, and I couldn’t be any happier with our choices.  I know they are all part of making an absolutely memorable day!!