Well, it’s been a rather uneventful couple of weeks – and being stuck with strep throat for the past week hasn’t helped!!  After receiving the huge itinerary and suppliers list, Neil and I had an opportunity to make some decisions.  Most of them were easy to make as there was really only one option to choose from.  From there, it was just a matter of deciding which package we wanted from each supplier.

One of our decisions was on our hair and makeup artist – well, I guess that was just my decision – and now I’m just awaiting a contract from Wendy so we can make a payment.  Hair and makeup is quite pricey – but they’ll be with us throughout the entire day, which will be nice for touch ups, and she’ll be able to come to our hotel to work her magic – so in the end, it’s all worth it!!

We’ve also decided on our videographer.  While Neil is highly against having a videographer, he didn’t have much say in this area – it was pretty much already decided by Mom.  It was especially important to her since not everyone will be able to join us Scotland.  Unfortunately – our videographer has been in London for the past couple days but promised to get us a contract in the coming days.

On the photography end of things – Neil and I have narrowed it down to two different choices, now it is just a matter of deciding how much we want to spend!!  I’m hoping to have a photographer nailed down by the end of this weekend.  Their styles are very similar and it’s really just down to the differences their packages offer.