Because we’ve already had to change the date of our wedding once, we’ve decided that it probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea to start booking some other suppliers for our big day!!  I emailed Wendy last night to get an idea of some suppliers and other things to think about prior to our wedding.  Little did I know that Wendy had already been working on a big itinerary and suppliers sheet for Neil and I to peruse.  It was quite extensive – I’m talking 8 pages of extensive – and included everything we’ve never even thought of, like…

  • Complete bridal party details
  • Ceremony venue details
  • Registry information
  • A highly recommended Minister from the Church of Scotland
    • In Wendy’s exact words: “As with most ministers, wedding planners aren’t their most favourite people in the world…he would like to speak with you in person…”  So hopefully we’ll be calling him in the next couple weeks.
  • Some options for ceremony music, including harps and bagpipes…yes, bagpipes!!
  • A website full of bridal cars…my dad and I are excited about this one!!
  • Accommodations information
  • A full list of photographers to choose from, which Neil and I will diligently be searching through this week.
  • A “non-cheesy” (as Wendy puts it) videographer for the day.  This is especially important so we can share our day with friends and family who could not make it.
  • A suggested florist for us to use
  • Wendy is having our wedding cake made in her hometown then will bring it with her to the wedding…she thinks we’ll have more options with this rather than having the Hotel create a wedding cake.
  • And finally, a hair stylist and make up artist that she works with frequently and tends to stay around throughout the day to help with touch-ups!!

Wendy also created an itinerary for the day so we know what to expect.  While it may still change, it just puts butterflies in my tummy to think about it!!  Our wedding is finally starting to take shape!!

Oh…and about the videos!!  My mom and I spent about half-an-hour looking at videos online of the videographer we’re using.  It was so fun to watch other weddings take place and imagine our wedding.  There was even a wedding that Wendy had planned located on their website – so it was nice to see a wedding with Wendy’s personal touch!!