We started on December 27th…and they just got out the door on March 13th.  What’s wrong with this picture?! 

Right after Neil & I got engaged, him, Paul, and I spent an entire night on the computer trying to come up with engagement announcements that tied into our Scottish theme.  We first started out with the background being the Scottish flag then writing in the open spaces.  Neil and I loved this idea, but when we showed it to my mom – she had no idea what the design was supposed to be…we realized that not everyone knows what the Scottish flag looks like (hey! I wasn’t 100% sure until we started this project!!)  To avoid confusion, we decided on some other more elegant designs, but that still embraced our Scottish theme with the blue and white (which has since turned into our official wedding colors).  We had two different designs to choose from and several different wording ideas.  We sent all these through to my parents and sister and through colaboration, we eventually decided on a final announcement.  Minuteman Press was very helpful in the printing as they were able to turn the entire project around in less than 24 hours. 

After picking up the announcements and response cards, we started addressing the envelopes.  Unfortunately – we had more than just a few issues with some addresses.  After about a week and a half (and numerous emails!!) we finally got in touch with my ever-busy parents and got some of the issues addressed.  This morning, I stamped all the envelopes and did the wonderful duty of licking them (okay, I’m lying…I cheated and used a water bottle.)  When I laid them all out to be picked up by the postman, Joe asked if the postman was going to take all of them in one trip…ohhh, Joe!!

Well – at about 2:30 pm, Mr. Postman did indeed take all the envelopes…every last one of them!!  Joe was quite impressed!!  So…get ready to check your mailboxes to witness the first piece of Neil & Amanda Wedding History…it’s going to be a blast!!! 🙂