While I would normally use this platform to congratulate others, I must take this moment to congratulate myself.  I’ve been accepted to Marian College‘s Masters of Arts in Teaching program!!

After spending a semester at VMS, Inc., I quickly realized that I’m not a nine-to-five-stare-at-a-computer-in-a-cubicle kind of girl!!  I need some variety in my life…which is where the idea of teaching came into play.  I had always kept it in the back of my head, but it wasn’t until my internship that I had seriously considered pursuing a teaching license.  After looking into several programs all over the state of Indiana, I chose to apply to both Marian College and IUPUI‘s Transition to Teaching programs.  The State of Indiana requires that all universities that offer an education program must offer a Transition to Teaching program – which is an opportunity for career-changers with a Bachelor’s degree in any field to obtain a teaching license.  Many schools, like Marian College, include completion of a Master’s degree while other programs, like IUPUI’s only gives the students a certain number of credit hours towards a Master’s degree, which can be completed at a later date.  I applied to IUPUI’s program mainly as a backup plan if Marian’s program didn’t work out.  The MAT Program at Marian College had many perks which specifically interested me, such as:

  • A Christian-based education that allows me to share my values and beliefs with others in the classroom
  • An intense 1-year curriculum – beginning in June 2009 and culminating in May 2010 with a Master’s degree
  • The opportunity to work with primary grade levels as well as intermediate grade levels in Indianapolis area schools
  • A reasonable tuition rate in comparison to other area programs
  • A considerably smaller population compared to what I’m used to (IUPUI is currently at 30,000 students while Marian just enrolled a record high of 2,048 students in Fall 2008!!)

What specifically drew me to Marian versus IUPUI was the one-year format.  Since Neil and I will be married next June, we both decided that it was extremely important to us (for several reasons) that I was completely finished with school before beginning our lives at Mr. and Mrs.  With IUPUI’s program, I wouldn’t finish until December 2010, and all throughout the fall semester of 2010, I would be in a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 unpaid student teaching position.  That really wasn’t an option for us as we wanted to start out our marriage with two incomes and not just solely rely on Neil’s…but like I mentioned, I wanted to apply to both so I would have the backup plan if the Marian program didn’t work out – fortunately for me, the Marian program worked out!!!

I am extremely excited about this opportunity to become a teacher and do what I really do love.  A lot of this teaching endeavor can be attributed to my work with little Jared at church…it wasn’t until I started working with him seriously that I grew to really love teaching and being around children.

So from now on, my dearest friends and family, you can consider me a MARIAN KNIGHT.  And hey!, at least they have a FOOTBALL TEAM!!! 🙂