Well…turns out the prayers need to keep coming.  I visited him again last Friday and it was very apparent that he wasn’t comfortable and possibly a bit depressed.  He didn’t seem to care that I was in the room with him…he just sort of laid around and whimpered.  I gave him a good brush down, though, so at least if he doesn’t feel good – he looks good!!  Another tell-tale sign that he isn’t feeling well is his appetite.  When I was with him Friday, he had no desire to eat – which is very strange for Oso!!  I tried to hand feed him and he’d put the food in his mouth, but then he’d just spit it out.  After speaking with the doctor Friday, then again this weekend, we’ve found that Oso has started to regress and now we’re looking at a bladder issue.  The doctor isn’t entirely convinced that everything that’s going on is connected in any way, shape, or form.  His strength is much better – but with all these other issues, it’s scary.  They’re holding on to him for a few more days to see if his blood work comes back any better than it has been, but until then – it’s just a waiting game.  Thank you again for all your continued prayers.