…and I’m amazed at what I’ve gotten done!!  This morning, I received notification from Wendy that our menu has been accepted by the executive chef and that a deposit should be made.  Well – I made that deposit this morning and everything has now been confirmed.

It’s been a long couple of weeks trying to get this menu complete – which of course is directly linked with the deposit payment – but it’s been well worth it.  The banquet menu was full of fish and haggis (yes, haggis – it’s a Scottish delicacy after all!!)  Well, I’m sorry, but neither Neil nor I are very keen on the idea of fish – let alone sheep intestines (that’s American for haggis!!)  So we opted for one of their restaurant menus – which includes a beautifully cooked fillet Mignon…and believe it or not, it’s plain, not covered in mushroom sauce or something yucky like that – which means Neil and Amanda are happy!!! 🙂  Of course, dad will be happy as well.  But, because we know not everyone wants to eat  steak, my mom also chose a beautiful cod dish (yuck!) that will fit nicely with the theme – seeing that we’re in the North Atlantic – but I promise you, you won’t catch me (or my groom) touching the fishy dish!!!

But enough with the formalities…here’s our beautiful reception location:Boardroom

The above picture is the Boardroom at the Old Course Hotel.  This is where our reception dinner will take place.  The Boardroom hosts beautiful views across the Old Course as well as a panoramic view of the town of St. Andrews.

Old Course

This next photograph is from the Old Course looking out to the famous Swilcan Bridge and the Old Course Hotel.  This reception location was chosen for the obvious reasons – Tiger Woods stays there!!  But also – it’s a beautiful five-star resort in the heart of the medieval town of St. Andrews.  It’s also a short 4 minute drive from St. Andrews Cathedral.  We also figured that it’d be nice if people knew what we were talking about when we said we were getting married in St. Andrews.  The Old Course usually the first thing people think of when they think of Scotland – so that worked out nicely!!

It will also be nice to have the opportunity to stay the night at the hotel after the reception (which is an option for those who care to join us in Scotland).  Neil and I have booked a room there for the wedding night before we head off on the rest of our honeymoon – which is still 100% undecided (…more on that headache later!!)

We’re both very excited for our wedding – and Neil even mentioned this weekend at Jake and Tiffany’s beautiful wedding that he wishes our wedding was sooner.  He’s like me – doesn’t like to wait!!  I assured him that it would be here before he knew it!!!  I know we’re well more than a year out, but we’re moving along so nicely…even Wendy told me this morning that she wishes all her brides were this organized!!  I’m going to assume that comes with being so excited to marry my best friend – because the good Lord knows that in my everyday life, I’m not real organized!!

Another thing I got done before 10 this morning was our preliminary invitations.  They aren’t addressed yet, but I went to Minuteman Press to pick them up and they look absolutely lovely!!  The response cards are a bit smaller than the envelopes, but that’s alright – I guess I can’t have 100% of everything perfect!!

So yes, I was highly productive this morning and I’ll be even more productive tonight getting some envelopes addressed!!