I’ve been informed that a quick update is a must – so here goes!!!

As of last Wednesday, we’re currently waiting to hear back from our mystery reception location.  They require a 10% deposit of the entire cost of the rental, and of course, we can’t get a total cost until we have a menu set in stone.  Unfortunately, Neil and I don’t eat the fancy food that’s offered on their banquet menu, so we opted for a couple selections from a normal restaurant  menu.  The event manager is currently running these options by the executive chef to see if they’re a possibility.  Wendy believes, in theory, that my menu will be alright – I mean, it’s not like we’re asking him to whip up some crazy American dish…we’re thinking meat and potatoes, how hard can that be!!!  I should hear something back by tomorrow, so I’ll definitely let you know!!

Speaking of tomorrow – I’m picking up our preliminary invitations tomorrow.  I know what you’re thinking, “you’re wedding isn’t for a year and a half…invitations already?”  Yes…invitations already!!  In order for us to put together accommodations, tours, etc., we need to have an idea of who will be joining us in Scotland.  We’re going to invite everyone as if we were having the wedding at home – that way we don’t ever hear “why didn’t you invite us, we would’ve gone!!” Those invitations will likely go out sometime this week.  I’m pretty excited about those because as Emily put it, it’s our first official WE’RE ENGAGED announcement!!!

Another item Wendy has been working on is putting together some vendors for Neil and I to sift through.  These vendors will be for anything from photography and videography to transportation and beauty.  Because of the situation we faced a couple weeks ago, we’re going to try to book as many things as we can as soon as we can.  It’s become quite apparent that things fill up quick when it comes to Scottish weddings and I’d really hate to be stuck with my second or third choice when it comes to things like beauty and photography…and besides – the next sixteen months will go by quicker than expected, and not only do we have to plan things in Scotland, but we have to plan things for here at home, as well.  Which leads me onto topic #4…

Any suggestions of a menu for our home reception would be greatly appreciated.  I told Neil last week that O’Charley’s would be cool because the name is Irish – which is right next to Scotland (okay, my thinking was a little off, but I’m desperate to find something good…)  He continued to tell me that the name is the only thing Irish about the restaurant…which I suppose is true.  Sometimes he makes me feel silly…but that’s what I get for marrying an engineer!!!  So needless to say, it’s back to the drawing board – so like I said, suggestions (aside from Long John Silvers, Dad!!) are greatly appreciated!!!