I went to see ‘Big O’ today.  Since I was emotional last time and didn’t exactly describe the whole situation, I’ll give you the lowdown…there is something hurting his spinal cord.  It’s caused him to not be able to use his back legs at all.  The doctor isn’t sure if blood was leaking into his spinal cord or what, but she can’t exactly do anything until she goes in and takes a look around, but unfortunately, his red blood cells are very low and any minor cuts could cause him to bleed to death.  The doctor believes this could be caused by a certain kind of tick, a bone marrow issue, or, heaven forbid, Leukemia.  Right now, we’re just waiting for test results, but in the meantime – we pray.

On a positive note, when I saw him today, he was very excited!!  I’ve never heard him so vocal in my life!!  The doctor assured me he wasn’t in pain and that he’s normally very quiet.  He scooted (with his front paws) out of the cage and over to me.  It was rather pitiful, but at least he could do that.  The doctor said his back legs were definitely getting stronger and that physically, there’s nothing wrong with him.  He eats normal, he drinks normal, he barks just like any other dog, he just can’t use his back legs…which is directly linked to the issue in his spinal cord.  The doctor did say they would likely need to do a blood transfusion, but they wouldn’t know for sure until they got his blood platelet count back.  So keep the prayers coming – if they aren’t curing him, they’re definitely keeping his spirits up.  Which is all we can ask right now.