Well, the time has come.  I’m ready to reveal our mystery location (well, one of them anyway!!)  It’s been a long process and much has gone into making the final decision.  We started about a month ago with five venues to choose from.  Each venue had something unique about it and each was in an entirely different location.  To my surprise, our final decision wasn’t even on the original list!  This was actually something that Wendy pointed out to me in our long search for the perfect location.  What also made the decision harder was that I was not working within a specific budget, and each location was asking a vastly different price – from $140 all the way up to $5,150 – so you can imagine our situation!!  But after a nice long lunch with Mom, Dad, and Neil, we all came up with the perfect venue.  So without further ado, let me unveil to you our ceremony venue…St. Andrews Cathedral

This, my friends, is St. Andrews Cathedral.  St. Andrews Cathedral is Scotland’s largest and most magnificent medieval church.  Aside from The Old Course, the Cathedral is the most visited location in the town of St. Andrews.

So…how did we come to this decision?  Well, it wasn’t easy, but it was very logical.  All the other venues were in very remote locations and didn’t bode well for sightseeing in Scotland.  St. Andrews Cathedral is situated in the town of St. Andrews, which is full of shops, pubs, the University, and of course, the home of golf: The Old Course at St. Andrews.  While the boys are out golfing, the girls will definitely not be looking for things to do – which is what made our final decision.  We didn’t want people to feel trapped by our venue and only have one option for dining and accommodations.  By having everything in a larger town, we’ve given our guests more freedom to choose their dining and accommodations in order to fit their personal preferences.  All in all, it was the smartest choice for the benefit of everyone…not to mention the Cathedral, in its ruinous state, is what I think of when I think of Scotland, and as Neil put it, “I want to get married somewhere that has history…that was torn apart in a war…”  Well, he definitely got that!!

Next step – the reception location!!  This is still up in the air.  Just when we thought we had everything situated, we hit another road bump.  Wendy and I are working out the finer details and that information will be revealed soon…but I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!