After reading this post, everyone should know why I’ve been so secretive about our venue choice.

This morning, I received an email from Wendy.  She emailed our contact at our reception location to let her know that we had decided on a date and were ready to book.  Then…the unthinkable happened.  Over the weekend, someone else booked the entire venue (which is quite a lot, if you ask me!!) for our exact same days.  Nearly a year and a half in advance, and they picked the exact dates we had chosen.  Needless to say, I was quite devastated.  Of course, being the wonderful man he is, Neil calmed me down and let me know that we can always change the date!  I’m so lucky!

So in a nutshell, I folded and we changed the date.  Wendy should have revised contracts soon and only after I make a payment will I make the announcement…so just hold tight for a couple more days!!!