My sincere apologies to those who have been waiting patiently for some sort of an announcement.  Wendy had a wedding this weekend and needless to say, she was slightly preoccupied.  She’s also been patiently waiting to get a contract from our location and I’ll be honest…I haven’t been the easiest to work with, either!!  I kind of forgot that you can’t exactly get a contract when you don’t have a final date set!!!  She’s been working diligently to get at least a quote from our location, but until we have a date set in stone, she can’t get much more.  Neil plans to talk to his boss on Thursday regarding the best time to take off for two weeks.  We have a tentative date set, and likely it will end up being our final date, but just for good measure, he’s going to run it by his boss to make sure.

On a non-wedding note, Neil, Mom, Dad, and I took a road trip to Westfield this past weekend.  Every year for Christmas, my dad asks for a White Envelope.  It’s the most simple of gifts and by far the most touching.  This past year, Neil and I decided to donate to a Greyhound rescue based in Indianapolis.  Sally and USA Dog welcomed us with open arms this past Saturday to receive our donation and allow us to mingle with some of her dogs.  We were all beyond impressed with them.  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Greyhound in real life, so I was rather surprised.  They were so big!!  Sally even said she’s received some dogs as big as 70 pounds!!!  Can you imagine?  And on a dog so skinny and tall like a Greyhound…I don’t even know where the weight comes from!  We saw probably 5 or 6 different Greyhounds and each had a distinctly different personality.  The first one, Lennon, came straight to me.  She was such a doll and so calm and relaxed.  Kimmie was so full of personality.  She kept trying to play with a stuffed animal that was up on the shelf – it was absolutely adorable!  Then there was the huge Driver.  He was the biggest of the bunch and personally had 126 races under his belt.  One-hundred and twenty-six!!  And in only a few short years!!  He was just as precious as the rest and coincidentally enough, he retired at the Fort Myers Greyhound track, which is right near Amy & Paul’s house.  In fact, Neil and I are seriously considering adopting one of Sally’s Greyhounds once Neil moves into his own home.  They were such amazing creatures, and anyone who is looking for a wonderful life-long companion, we highly recommend Sally and her organization,  USA Dog.  It was a long day, but I definitely know that my mom and dad loved seeing their White Envelope being put into action.  Sally thanked us over and over again, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat!