Just a quick update for those of you on the edge of your seats waiting to know what we’ve decided: the meeting with my parents went well, and I’m happy to say that we’ve made half the decision.  We know the vicinity of where we’re looking and I’ve submitted our plethora of questions to Wendy about the options in this particular area and the venues in this area.  I’m hoping to hear back from her tomorrow and I plan to make a payment on our decision by the end of the week.  I promise – you’ll find out soon enough!!!

Much of our decision was based on what there is to do around Scotland.  My sister had a bit of an easier time because what do you think of when you think of Rome…probably the Colosseum…which is where they got married.  And of course, in Rome, you can start out at the Colosseum and get to Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and Piazza Navona in one day…Scotland’s not so much the same, so we definitely wanted to make sure that we aren’t getting married in some remote area with nothing to do because while yes, it is our wedding – I still want everyone to have a good time and actually get to see Scotland.

I promise…in a weeks time, everyone will be caught up to speed and we can start looking at the finer details!!!  You just have to be patient!!!