Well, this is it.  This weekend – I have made an appointment with my family (can you believe that, an appointment with my family!! They’re just too busy these days!!!)  I’ve done all the research, printed out all the information sheets and created a spreadsheet of all the choices – there are 5 wedding venues and 5 accommodations to choose from.  I’m not letting them out of this meeting until we’ve made a decision.  We’ve sifted through nearly 30 venues and finally narrowed it down to these five.  Personally – I’d be happy with any of them and I know Neil would be thrilled with one in particular.  I know Wendy is interested to see what we choose…and of course Emily is just sitting on the edge of her seat!!!!

Of course, I’m such a stickler for superstition that I won’t spill the beans until we’ve made a payment, but at least I’ll know what we’ve chosen and Wendy and I can start to move forward.  There are so many other things that need to be decided…even if we are still 17 months out.

So just hang in there…I promise the decision will be coming soon…