No, we haven’t chosen a venue…yet…but I did receive a special present in the mail on Friday!!  Maxine, from House of Tartan, was kind enough to send Neil and I a couple swatches from the Robertson line of tartans.  For those of you who do not know, Neil has traced his family heritage to the Robertson Clan in Scotland.  Each family in Scotland is linked to a specific clan and each clan has their own tartan, which is the plaid material in the kilt ensemble.  Neil plans to have Maxine and the staff at House of Tartan to make a kilt specifically for him…he figures if he’s getting married in Scotland, might as well go all out!!

I asked Maxine for the samples so we could try to coordinate Amy’s bridesmaid dress with his kilt.  There are so many kilts to choose from and some of them are vastly different from one another, but I am confident that we can find the right tartan to go with the right dress.

Receiving a touch of Scotland in the mail was just what I needed right now.  We’ve been at such a stand-still for quite some time that I was worried we weren’t going to make any progress, but I finally see that we’re eventually going to get somewhere.

I’ve also solicited the help of Ellen to get some address together to send out the announcements.  Announcements aren’t exactly a traditional item in the wedding planning, but there’s really nothing traditional about our wedding!!  Basically, we’re trying to figure out how many people will be joining us in Scotland.  I’ve ordered some samples and hope to get the announcements printed in the coming days.  Finally, it’s all starting to come together – I really just cannot wait to nail down a venue…and trust me, when I know, you’ll be the next to know!!!

And P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!  I love you so much…you’re the best Daddy anyone could ever ask for!!!