I know it’s been a few days since my last post, but I’ve been patiently awaiting an answer from Wendy.  She was in the process of contacting the owner of a specific location to see if there was a minimum number of people who had to stay at this mystery location.  Of course, I was banking on not having a minimum number because it’s very expensive – but of course, if we’re staying at this location and marrying there, we have to take all the rooms.  Not just a couple – all of them, regardless of how many people stay.  Let’s just say that yesterday morning was the first morning when it wasn’t Christmas in my inbox!! 😦

All other plans have been at a standstill, of course, we can’t exactly do a whole lot until we know our venue,  but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been searching around.  I’ve found a couple of photographers that I really like as well as some videographers.  Neil is sort of against the whole videographer idea, but I definitely think it’s a must as so many people won’t be able to attend our wedding.  I’ve also looked into pipers (yes, pipers) and well as other musicians for the ceremony.

I’ve subscribed to several wedding magazines and have been searching through each of them for ideas on flowers, hair, dresses, and everything else.

Speaking of dresses…good news!!!  On Saturday, May 9th and Sunday, May 10th, me, Amy, my mom, Ellen, and the rest of my posse will be heading to the north side to check out dresses.  I know it’s a bit early to be looking at dresses, but it’s the only opportunity to get my sister in Indiana before Thanksgiving!!!  I’m so looking forward to it and absolutely cannot wait!!!!