So just a quick update, but an exciting one nonetheless…WE MADE THE FIRST PAYMENT ON OUR WEDDING!!!

After about an hour of arguing with PayPal, I finally did it!!  Wonderful Miss Wendy has been paid her deposit which only means one thing…WE’RE GETTING MARRIED IN SCOTLAND!!!  Not like everyone didn’t already know that, but now it’s set in stone!! 🙂  It feels so much more real now.  It took me a minute, but all of the sudden, a feeling of excitement surged through my veins as I turned around and yelled in exclamation to Joe, “I’VE MADE A PAYMENT ON MY WEDDING!!!”  He laughed…his response: “feels like it’s already over now, huh?”  You’re out of your mind, Joe!!!  It’ll never be over!!!

We finally have the ball rolling and now it’s decision making time.  I’m still waiting for Wendy to come back with some information on this infamous venue that we are highly interested in, but in the meantime, she’s provided me information on making our nuptials legal…yeah, that’s kind of important!!!  I thought I only had two decisions, but yet again today, she came back with a few more options!!  Who knew getting married abroad was such an ordeal!!!  (Well, I’m sure my sister did!!!)

So, yay!!! It’s official, and like Mary said, “there’s no backing out now!!!”