First off…let me begin by saying how much I love that Scotland is 5 hours ahead of Indiana!! Every morning when I wake up, it’s like Christmas in my email box with a message from Wendy!! No wonder I’ve been getting up at 8:00 am the past few days!!

Anyway…wow! The email I got from Wendy today was quite the information-packed email!! She provided me with 12, count them T-W-E-L-V-E venues to choose from. She also has nine more venues located on her website that aren’t part of what she provided us in the email! I’ve tried to create a spreadsheet with all the information to help my mind process it, but it has just been wearing me out all day!! Fortunately, when Mr. Barnes and I returned from our THREE HOUR workout and dinner, we combed through them to eliminate a few…and a few is really all we eliminated!! My parent’s aren’t sure of a budget yet (which, what can you expect?! They have no idea how much anything costs in Scotland either, so they’re about as clueless as myself…which is why the spreadsheet will help both of us!!) I am really hoping to nail down a final venue (or maybe just two?!) after this weekend. Classes are starting next week, so I’ll be a little more preoccupied!!

Not only are we looking at venues now, but we’ve been discussing certain Scottish traditions we’d like to include in our wedding. Bagpipers will definitely be part of our big day, but the question is: which one? Wendy sent me a link to what I am guessing is her favorite piper…her exact words: “Keith‘s one of the cute ones!” I love it!!!

Wendy also provided me information about the actual ceremony. As you may (or may not?!) know, my sister and Paul were married in Rome, Italy almost three years ago. At almost last minute, my sister was informed that the celebrant for her wedding was not going to be able to perform the ceremony because the verbiage she wanted to use was not acceptable. She turned to my dad, and of course – being the brilliant man he is, he came up with a solution: John from the store. He wasn’t ordained to perform marriage ceremonies, but because Amy and Paul were going to be married legally by a registrar the day before, it didn’t matter. Well, turns out that we will likely be doing the same thing – which means Neil and I get two wedding days!!! It’s all a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, but I’m hoping Wendy (which I have no doubt she can) will be helping to translate it into common terms for us in the end…and as long as we’re married when it’s all said and done, I won’t complain!!

So – onto the venue selection we go!! Wish us luck!!!

P.S. Congratulate Emily for a job well done!! She’s been working out with Katie and I and has done a tremendous job!! Before we know it, Em, we’re gonna be buff little brides!!!