I know Emily will be upset I didn’t tell her about this sooner, but I wasn’t 100% sold on the whole blogging thing – in fact, I’m still not!! Either way, I’ll try it for a bit and see how it works out!

We still have a year and a half (522 days to be exact) until our wedding, but in my eyes – it’s never too early to start planning…especially with a destination wedding.  I’ve contacted the coordinator in Scotland that we are planning to use.  Utopia Scotland is a one-woman consulting company that works with brides from all over.  Wendy informed me that one-third of all her clients are either from the United States or Canada. Her rates are competitive and I truly believe she can provide us with the coordination we’re looking for. This year, she won the VOWS Award for Individual Wedding Coordinator in Scotland. She’s located in the Perthshire area, but she clearly has a strong knowledge of all of Scotland and has provided Neil and I with a few fantastic venues to choose from – with a promise of more to come!! Even though we’re still 18 months out, she provides me with just as much attention and priority as if we were 3 weeks away. Wendy is really quite impressive!

My mom and dad had a beautiful photo from my sister and Paul’s wedding re-made into a canvas-looking print for them for Christmas.  She had Photography by Melinda, who also did my sister’s senior pictures, create the print and it was absolutely stunning.  While my mom was in her office, she of course had to let Melinda know that Neil was planning to ask me to marry him on Christmas. Melinda immediately expressed her interest in shooting our engagement photos. I’ve never met Melinda, but looking through her portfolio online, we’re pretty confident she can create the images we’re looking for. I’m really looking forward to the engagement photos, especially after going with Emily and Eric on their shoot!!

Another item we’ve been working on is our announcements.  These are especially important because we will be including a response card in the announcement so we can get an idea of how many people will be joining us in Scotland. Many wedding venues there are priced based on the number of people who will be at the wedding – and with all the accommodations and coordination, it’s important to know who will be there. These are in their extreme rough-draft stage, but we’re working on them nonetheless…and let me thank IUPUI and their ability to provide me with Adobe Photoshop – there’s no way I could create these without it!!

Neil and I have plenty of time to plan – and so far, he’s been pretty calm and willing to listen to my random ideas in the whole process. He’s even had some wonderful ideas of his own, If this whole blog thing works out for me, hopefully I’ll be able to keep you all updated throughout the planning of our Scottish wedding!!